Valvetight Petroleum Products Trading Ltd

Valvetight Petroleum Products Trading Ltd

KEZAD Al Mammourah


Valvetight was founded by Jeroen Pronk in 2014. Previously, Jeroen has been Plant Manager of several Underground Gas Storage installations in Germany and The Netherlands, in which he faced many challenges caused by leaking isolation valves. The leakage caused conflicting interests regarding execution of the required maintenance as planned whilst the remaining installation stayed in operation, versus the required safety level for these maintenance activities. Many other companies faced the same problems.

Pronk, not satisfied having to choose between safety or commercial objectives, wanted maximum safety but still be able to operate the remaining installation commercially. In his search for a practical solution, he invented the method of creating, maintaining and monitoring a vacuum lock in the bleed section. When the market offered no solutions based on such a vacuum lock, he obtained a patent on this technology and Valvetight was born. Since then, the technology has been perfected and ultimately approved by major international Oil & Gas and Petrochemical companies. We are particularly proud on the approval of both Shell and Saudi Aramco for use of the DBB-SAVER on all assets and their internal Technical Authority report to provide easy acceptance for their Plant Managers worldwide.

Valvetight is based in Abu Dhabi, KEZAD, as well as in The Netherlands. We have a wide network of agents around the globe.

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Oil and Gas

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Jeroen Pronk
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