TwigSystem IT consultancy LTD

TwigSystem IT consultancy LTD

Abu Dhabi , UAE


  • For more than 5 years, TwigSystem IT has been the recognized as the Information Technology Company in UAE.
  • TwigSystem IT is a fast-growing IT solution and Service Provider company leading in Microsoft Dynamic 365 ERP, Electronic Document Management, Paperless, business automation, technology services, and digital transformation.
    • Information Technology Consultancy
    • Document Archiving
    • Document Management

Type Of Business

Consultancy Service


Agriculture Technology Automotive Chemicals Construction Materials Consumer Goods Food Logistics and Supply Chain Metals Oil and Gas Pharma and Life Science Polymers Renewables and Clean Energy Speciality Chemicals Water and Wastewater

Contact Details

Bindeshwar Jha
General Manager
Phone Number


TwigSystem IT Profile
3.81 MB

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