Sodamco Emirates Factory for Building Materials LLC

Sodamco Emirates Factory for Building Materials LLC

Abu Dhabi , UAE


Founded in Lebanon in 1985, Sodamco manufactures and markets quality construction chemicals products that meet the building standards and specific climate requirements in the Middle East and the Gulf. After Twenty five (25) years of continuous growth Sodamco is recognized as the �Construction Chemicals Expert(s)� in the region. In the year 2009, Saint-Gobain Weber S.A., worldwide leader in Industrial Mortars, entered into a joint-venture (JV) agreement with Sodamco group which has enabled Sodamco-Weber to set-up in the Middle East region which represents a high dynamic growth. Today, the company is fully integrated in Saint-Gobain group which enables Saint-Gobain Construction Products Sector to develop the various innovative products and solutions offered to all real estate sustainable development projects namely residential or infrastructure projects in the future.

Type Of Business



Construction Materials

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Jean Paul Attie
Commercial Manager
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