Sawaeed Facilities Management LLC

Sawaeed Facilities Management LLC

Abu Dhabi , UAE


Sawaeed Facilities Management LLC (SFM) was established in 2016 to provide services primarily to the group facilities. We are a subsidiary of Sawaeed Holding PJSC, a parent company of five subsidiaries with multi-business activities around Manpower supply, Investments, Labor Camps and Vocational Training. The procedures we follow during COVID-19 have led us to win Abu Dhabi Ports NEESHAN Award 2021 for Best Exemplary Response to COVID-19, following The WHO prevention practices and MOHAP guidance. As a facilities management entity, we take care of the group’s affiliated facilities by providing Civil & MEP maintenance and professional cleaning and sanitization services.


Type Of Business

Consultancy Service Facilities Management


Cleaning Maintenance Hospitality Service

Contact Details

Adnan Kalady
Facilities Management Officer
Phone Number

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