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South Ocean Freight International is a privately owned international Freight Forwarding company, with a reputation for providing outstanding quality that continues to secure a loyal customer base. The Group has developed a strong, young management team, which together with the founding Directors are committed to working within established quality procedures to provide each customer with the most reliable personalized service and dedicated to the continuous and future plan to develop E-commerce biz. Well-equipped with requisite facilities, we offer superior services to our clients. At South Ocean Freight International, we offer a whole range of customised services in the field of clearing and forwarding. We strive to address our valuable customers’ demands, and to give them the utmost satisfaction by providing personalized quality service for our committed staff and economical charges. We understand customer needs in international trade in the competitive world. Using our industry expertise, we offer complete logistic solutions that include import-export clearance & freight booking of any product. In this way, we are offering catering to the requirements of various industries. We have turned into a prominent logistic solutions provider. This is possible because of our state-of-the-art infrastructure. We always move forward with changing times by incorporating the entire modern trends. Our vast facilities enable us to undertake any business order from the clients. For effective operations, we have our agents’ network destination provided with a team of experts. We communicate regularly with our customers/agents regarding the services they need, and South Ocean Freight International's performance of those services. This communication includes the full and realistic explanation of what South Ocean Freight International will do to serve the customer, as well as periodic performance reviews and automated notifications to the customer of the status of individual shipments.


Type Of Business

Service Freight forwarding Project Cargo


Logistics and Supply Chain

Contact Details

Arshad Asharaf
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