Prime Group of Companies LLC

Prime Group of Companies LLC

Abu Dhabi , UAE


Prime Group provides high quality solutions in multiple lines of business. We do, Analytical Testing, Certification, Inspection, Auditing & Training, we have Facilities Management, Product Development, Manufacturing & Trading, Capacity Building, Advisory, Research & Studies, Equipment / Instrument Calibration & Verification and Proficiency Testing Program. We are a leading quality and compliance solutions provider in Asia, Middle East and North Africa. Having issued millions of certificates and reports needed for performance, quality and regulatory compliance as a result of validation and verification, Prime Group has become the most trusted 360-degree conformity assessment body that specializes in the field of testing, inspection, certification, facilities management, trading, training, research and study.

Type Of Business

Trade/Commercial Service


Chemicals Construction Materials Consumer Goods Food Water and Wastewater

Contact Details

Angeline Rivera
Group Sales and Marketing Manager
Phone Number

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