M.A.H.Y. Khoory

M.A.H.Y. Khoory

Abu Dhabi , UAE


Welcome to the leading name in innovation and technology, the M.A.H.Y. KHOORY Group. Established in the 1930s, when the waters of the Gulf were tranquil and rapid urban development was still generations away. Today, the company is recognized as the leading name in Water Pumping Solutions, Electrical Solutions, Recycled Paper Manufacturing, Waste Management Services, Logistics, Hospitality and much more. With a wide distribution network, the company has the capacity to deliver the right products and services at the right time for all its Customers. The corporate ethos of doing the best job, whatever the job, has contributed towards the growth of the company. Some of our businesses and product / services include: � Trading Division for Pumps, Pressure Boosting Systems, Fire Fighting Systems, Motors, Engines, Generators, Water Heaters, Metal Enclosures, Manhole Covers, Electrical Switchgears & Control Gears etc.. � Electrical Division for LV Switchgear including Main Distribution Boards (MDB), Sub Main Distribution Boards (SMDB), Final Distribution Boards (FDB), Control Panels, MCCs, ATS Panels, Capacitor Bank Panels etc. � Channel Sales & Exports Division for Water Pumps, Water Heaters, Pressure Vessels, Manhole Covers, Submersible Motors, Metal Enclosures, Hoses, Solar Batteries, Inverters and many more � Project Sales Division for designing and manufacturing the best-in-class, energy-efficient and cost-effective pumping solutions � Manufacturing of Blow Moulded Plastic Jerry Cans and Car Oil Containers � Interlocking Concrete Blocks � Paper Mills � Recycling Services � Waste Management Services � Training & Technical Support

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Jos van Lent
Project Director
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