Hafilat Industry LLC

Hafilat Industry LLC

Abu Dhabi , UAE


Hafilat Industries L.L.C. is a UAE-based ‘international Quality’ Bus Builder. We specialize in the manufacturing of European-quality buses, using the high-performance steel or aluminium typically used in aircraft and heavy trucks. The extrusions which are stronger and lighter than steel is bolted together using the Swiss Co-Bolt® manufacturing system. This allows for bus designs that are lighter, stronger, extremely cost- effective, more environmentally friendly, and ultimately safer for passengers and drivers.

At our factory in Abu Dhabi, Hafilat manufactures a variety of passenger buses, heavy- duty trucks and high-performance cars for the UAE and the rest of the Gulf market. Hafilat’s Manufacturing capability includes a full range of public transport buses such as Charter/Coach, Intercity, Low Floor, Low entry, Articulated, Double Deckers and Trolley bus with Engine power options of either Diesel, CNG, Hybrid (electric), that all depends on customer’s preference.

Hafilat Boasts a comprehensive support system that includes a local repair network, Bus refurbishments, Bus Maintenance and Spare parts supplies.


Website: https://www.hafilat.ae/



Type Of Business


Automotive Oil and Gas bus industry

Contact Details

Mona Abdullah Atef Monser
Executive Secretary
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