Giffin Traffiks l l c

Giffin Traffiks l l c

Abu Dhabi , UAE


Established in 2021, Giffin Al Jazira Metal Industries is the result from the merger of five colossal entities, Giffin Traffiks (1976), Giffin Traffics Signs Co. (1986), Metal Coating Industries (1994), Al Jazira Metal Industries (2001), and Giffin Traffiks Building Contracting (2006). Those five specialized and renowned entities operating now in synergy as one, design and execute the most sophisticated Turn-Key projects, covering urbanized areas and connected facilities such as Highways, Roads, Residential Districts, Tourist Complexes, Hotels, Commercial Centers, Hospitals, and others. Through its forming companies, Giffin Al Jazira Metal Industries is known for the milestone accomplishments in manufacturing, installation, and maintenance of signage, steel infrastructure, guard rails, and road assets, in addition to its premium quality surface treatment services. member companies have always been on the forefront of technological innovation and transformational breakthrough in the UAE. Giffin Al Jazira Metal Industries expanded into new horizons through the investment in the new digitally connected advanced precision machining center “4.0”. Through this new state of the art facility, and other traditional manufacturing plants with a total area of 1,570,000 ft, designs, manufactures and deploys regular and high precision components well targeted to established and growing emerging sectors. Aiming to become part of the platform through which UAE supply chains can be further developed and enhanced. Giffin Al Jazira Metal Industries expanded its client base well beyond the traditional End Users; becoming the repeatedly sought by solution provider for satisfied customers in Ministries, Institutions, Telecommunication, Municipalities, Contracting Giants, and Oil Companies across the UAE.

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