Geminite Cement Industries Sole Proprietorship LLC

Geminite Cement Industries Sole Proprietorship LLC

Abu Dhabi , UAE


Gemini Group is the Only Cement Fiber Board (Non-Asbestos) Manufacturers in the U.A.E, with state-of-the-art technology techniques to produce the Best Sustainable Cement Fiber Boards for supplying across G.C.C & Abroad. Geminite Cement Industries LLC, the UAE’s premier Fiber Cement Board Manufacturer is located in Abu Dhabi. As a company based in UAE, we are dedicated to contributing to the growth and development of our local community and the region. We make Geminite Cement Boards to be a natural and environmentally friendly product made of Portland cement, virgin cellulose fiber, silica sand, water, and additives. Through innovative technology in manufacturing, Geminite offers high strength, durability, flexibility, and workability. It’s available in various thicknesses, colors, and finishes, and is classified into low, medium, and high density based on application. Depending on the area of application, the product is divided into Low density, Median Density and High Density with various thicknesses, colours and Finishes. From the inception of the technology, due to its Strength, durability, and elasticity it started using widely in regions like, Australia, USA, Canada, Europe and growing fast in many of the Asian countries from last 3-4 decades.


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