Exeed Litecrete-Sole Proprietorship LLC

Exeed Litecrete-Sole Proprietorship LLC

Abu Dhabi , UAE


Exeed Industries is an industrial group of companies belonging to National Holding with core businesses in construction, engineering, building materials and consumer goods. As an established brand in the industries it operates, Exeed Industries is focused in designing and engineering of innovative solutions, state-of-the-art technology, profound technical know-how and the ability to deliver superior quality products and services on B2B and B2C basis.Exeed Industries continues to enhance its core strengths and commitment in all aspects of its business and is continually seeking expansion and diversification into strategically related businesses to build a sustainable future. Exeed’s portfolio companies operate out of various factory facilities based in UAE and Jordan: • Engineering & Construction: Exeed Precast, Exeed Aswar • Building Materials: Exeed Litecrete, Exeed Premium Dry Mortar, Exeed Geotextile, Knauf Exeed Insulation • Consumer Goods: Exeed Electronics

Website: www.exeed.ae

Type Of Business



Construction Materials

Contact Details

Haider Al Saeed
Operation Manager
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