Arabain Cement industry

Arabain Cement industry

Abu Dhabi , UAE


Annual Cement Production Capacity of 1.2 Million Tons. ? Plant Equipped with most modern state of art Technology, adopting World class manufacturing capability. ? 1st Unit supplied by CEMAG Germany, Commissioned in 2005 ? 2nd Unit supplied by Thyssen Krupp India, Commissioned in 2008 ? Both mills designed Capacity 75 Ton per Hour. ? Both Ball Mills are having Closed Circuit system, 2 chambered & equipped with Dynamic Separators. ? Enclosed Raw material storage system ? Silos for Clinker ( 45,000 + 10,000 Tons) 55,000 Tons Capacity ? Covered Sheds for Additives ? Finish Goods storage: ? Concrete silos (7500x2) 15000 Tons Capacity ? Steel silos (1100x2) 2200 Tons Capacity ? CCR( Central Control Room) equipped with DSC system and PLC�s for plant operations, process monitoring & Controls ? Fully equipped & established Quality Control Laboratory meets the requirements of BSEN & ASTM ? Packing and Loading operations comprising; ? Haver Boecker make Roto-Packer with 8 spouts - 120 tph Bagging Capacity. ? 5 Bulk Loading facilities of 250 Tph Each � 1250 Tons per Hour Bulk Loading Capacity. ? 2 Nos of 120 Tons Weigh Bridges. ? PRODUCTION & PROCESS CAPABILITY ? Mechanised handling of Raw materials Storing extraction ? Individual Raw materials are procured from single source to avoid variance and tested upon receipt for quality Acceptance / Reject with reference to the predefined specifications as per Purchase order. ? All raw materials are having ratio proportioning equipments such as Weigh Feeders integrated with Master Ratio Controller to maintain uniformity in recipe feeding to the Mills. ? Grinding process is controlled through PLC and monitored continuously from central control room to enable mill operation consistency in through put and uniform product quality, by means of Dynamic Separator with VFD for speed control, to maintain the Fineness, internal water spray system to regulate the Cement Temperature, Process Fans with Dampers to maintain the Air Balance. ? Product sampling is done through Auto-sampler for monitoring the quality by Laboratory. Chemical Laboratory is equipped with EDXRF, for quick and accurate Chemical analysis. Physical Laboratory is fully equipped with modern apparatus to carry out the physical test. ? Product Samplings are done at various check points, during process, before going to storage and while Despatch. ? ACI Systems are certified by ISO- 9000-2008, 14000-2004.

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